If you have a job where there are no complications, you don't have a job.
Malcolm Forbes

When asked if you can do a job, respond with: 'Of course, I can!' Then figure out how to make it happen.
Theodore Roosevelt

Paul-Louis Martin-Schibinet

Success is born from the details.
Take pleasure in creating concepts


Equipped with exceptional interpersonal skills, a high level of energy, active listening, and deep passion and knowledge for the world of commerce and digital technology. What motivates me the most is the pursuit of service excellence, providing the best advice on technical solutions to meet diverse challenges.

The drive for challenges, motivation, proficiency in technical tools, and providing guidance are the skills I have been honing for years in the realms of luxury, packaging, and digital technology. These traits, intrinsic to my personality, aim to successfully drive business development, and continually optimize revenue streams for growth.