Create and develop website.


Development of Brand Strategy and monitoring of statistics.


Council business strategy, development of business plans and sales development strategies.


It is not easy to know the different lever system on the market, our research team each day new.

When asked if you are able to do a job answering: "Of course I can!" Then make do to get there. Theodore Roosevelt

Born success of detail.
Take pleasure in creating concepts.



With a very good relationship, a very dynamic, active listening and my real passion and knowledge to the business world, I am able to perfectly meet your expectations. In the past, I left all of my clients have very good memories of my very wise advice, my response and my technical guidance. But what motivates me at the highest point is the quality of service by providing the best advice in the technical solutions to meet the various challenges.

The taste of challenge, motivation, mastery of technical tools and guidance; are the qualities I developed over several years in the world of luxury, watches and packaging.

But also the traits of my personality, we can, together, carry out the development of your activitée and grow your client pool while maintaining quality service.

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